To complement our manufacturing capabilities, TruStop offers full Mechanical and Electrical assembly services. As a contract manufacturer, our role is to provide our partners with complete order fulfillment using our quality manufacturing control systems. With our combined skills, manufacturing experience, and equipment, along with our trained assembly technicians we offer the complete build of OEM products, product kitting, and subassembly build services.

Being a contract manufacturer of OEM equipment and components, TruStop continuously strives to expand our expertise in Mechanical and Electrical assembly operations. Our manufacturing operations, assembly technicians, and engineering team are located under the same roof making TruStop the total value-added manufacturing resource.


TruStop provides vast experience for establishing “lean assembly lines”, to produce complex mechanical assemblies. Complimented with our on-site engineering support, documented work instructions, and Kanban-based pull systems, ensure that we meet our customers’ quality and on-time shipment demands. As part of exceeding all expectations within our fabrication and assembly capabilities, TruStop emphasizes full collaboration with our supply chain and industry partners.

  • Electronics, electrical, electro-mechanical and mechanical assembly
  • Low to high volumes
  • Medium to high complexity assemblies
  • Product realization services
  • Custom system integration
  • Postponement manufacturing
  • Configure-to-order manufacturing
  • Direct Shipment Fulfillment

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