TruStop provides contract manufacturing with companies for many types of products, equipment, various components & devices catering to many different industries. We provide the complete package to quote contract manufacturing projects based on the required processes, tooling, labor, and material costs. Our factory is fully equipped and capable of building the product(s) complete in their entirety and shipping the finished goods direct on behalf of our customers.

Part of being a contract manufacturer is to provide the customer with design engineering support. Currently, we collaborate with our customers to assist them with product design enhancements based on the developed manufacturing process. As a result, our customers experience cost savings associated with implementing ‘value-added’ considerations to the product design. We also possess the knowledge to spot potential risks and flaws within the design early on. This can prevent fatal mistakes within a product that could cost the customer significantly in the long run.

Our customers benefit in many ways. By choosing TruStop as their contract manufacturer they eliminate the need to dedicate valuable in-house resources and space. This includes warehouse space for product inventory. There is no need to juggle between vendors and run into unexpected costs. By knowing the exact cost upfront, our customers practice better budget control throughout the entire product life cycle.


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