Custom Fabrication Services of Oil & Gas Flow Tubes

As a custom manufacturer at TruStop Inc., we specialize in the fabrication of precision components. For this reason an oil and gas industry customer recently contracted us to fabricate custom oil and gas flow tubes. The customer required that the final product feature surface finishes of 63 RMS and be ASME compliant. Our design and fabrication work would also follow customer-submitted CAD drawings.

We elected to use stainless and standard carbon steel as the build material, both able to provide strength while still provide excellent workability characteristics. Fabrication took place on a CNC machining center, which performed parts cutting as well as surface forming steps. Final assembly and our professional ASME inspection followed. Final build and delivery was completed in 8 weeks.

To learn more about this project and TruStop Inc.’s other abilities, see the table below or feel free to contact us directly.

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